1. Baritone

  2. Bass

  3. Brass & Woodwinds

  4. Clarinet

  5. Flute

  6. Cello

  1. Oboe

  2. Saxophone

  3. Trombone

  4. Trumpet

  5. Ukulele

We are excited to announce that Eddie (Won-a-WHA-toe) has come out of retirement to instruct not only Brass instruments but also every instrument in wind Band, Percussion and string bass. He also is fluent in Guitar and Ukulele. As a retired Indiana licensed Instrumental winds and percussion teacher for over 33 years at all levels of beginning, intermediate and advanced study, He brings his IU School of Music education and teaching experience to Meridian Music. He was a student of Eugene Rousseau for 3.5 years, Dr. Leon Fosha for 3 years and Wilbur England for 5 years.  In addition to the BME, he hold one of 2 masters in Music Technology.  He was under the tutelage of Jimmy Haskel when learning how to judge for Marching Band CISTA (State Fair Marching Band) As an adjudicator for ISSMA, he is in demand for Jazz band, Organisational contest and solo and ensemble. Mr. Guanajuato lives with his wife of 31 years with their 2 dogs. They are empty nesters for 2 years now as all 3 sons are well established in their field of study/work. Mr. Guanajuato is a life long Cubs fan.