1. Piano

  2. Voice

Kathryn, piano and voice instructor, has been teaching since 2006. What a blessing and privilege it is to teach music to stdents of all ages a variety of forms of music, as well as a love for music! Kathryn’s educational background includes a B.A. in music business with a vocal performance minor, and a M.A. in music, studying jazz piano. Kathryn’s piano teaching experience includes teaching traditional piano, classical music, improvisation on hymns, jazz standards, or other popular forms, as well as chords and theory. Her vocal teaching experience includes teaching classical voice, jazz, gospel, Christian music, and music for children. Growing up in a musical family, Kathryn’s family, the Georges, ministered through music in churches, and the family continues to perform occasionally! Kathryn’s music can be viewed through CD baby, as well.